Looking for any info on these shingles

I paid someone for repairs to my roof dryer vent and they did a horrible job. Poor work combined from lots of rain from the recent storms in North Florida and will need to replace about a dozen shingles to get this right. I don’t have any spares, and would like to acquire a new package of shingles for the work. I know new shingles will likely be a little different than my original 10 year old shingles, but I need as close as I can get. I am trying to avoid hassles from the HOA.

This is a community built by Engle in 2006 in North Florida area.

Pics below. Yes, that is silicone. Yes, I paid someone to do this. Yes, I got ripped off. Yes, I found someone much better to repair this mess.

If you click the link, there are 2 pictures, which might help better. Thanks for any info!

I have no idea what brand that is but it is your basic laminated shingle.

Just look for the closest color match you can find the brand doesn’t really matter so long as they are the same size & exposure.

You can use a metric shingle (5 5/8" exposure) to repair a standard (5" exposure) roof.