Looking for "better" metal roof screws

I read about metal roof screws for exposed fastner panels that have a larger “washer” part on the head to keep UV from degrading the washer. Trying to source some, but I can’t remember the name and my google-fu is weak.

This is where I get my exposed fastener metal from (even though they are my least favorite roof) and they have those screws. They are a pretty new item so I have no idea if they really will perform any better in the long run. ZXL WoodBinder Screw | 40-year Warranty - AB Martin


Yep, those are the ones, Thanks bud!

Where you at island? You in pa?

Yeah. 30 mins north of Harrisburg.

West of Philly here.

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Those are good screws. We even use them on our deer blinds way down in the south Texas brush country were the sun is always crushing everything. Never had one fail.