Looking for experianced crew to

install Certianteed Presidential Shake. 90 square job on a 6/12 pitch roof. Indianapolis Indiana. One layer tear off to deck, re-felt and install. Post your crew size and how much per square you want to do the job.

Job will be starting in about 3 weeks. Let me know if your interested by posting a reply.


To tear-off, felt and shingle 130 dollars per sq, not including extras such as vents or vent-ridge and any bad decking. this is labor only, i have a 4 man crew and 45 minutes from indy.Probally looking at 4 days start to finish ,weather permitting

130 Include your coverage by your own insurance? W/C and GL?

No it doesn,t,you,re talking at least another 22 percent on that,are you serious about this or just wanting to know what to bid, not trying to be a smart-ass.Other people might do it for less but thats my minnum bid

Ridgewalker,if you would like to discuss this further,my e-mail address is indm45@yahoo.com