Looking for Historical $ of BUR

Hi all.

Ive been looking for an unbiased study that shows what the maintenance cost are for a BUR way out in the 30+ year life span.

Specifically, i need to compare the anticipated maintenance costs of a BUR roof for the age range of (dont laugh) 30 -50 years.

I have to do an economic analysis to compare whether or not it is the economically feasible to “replace the roof” or “continue patching it for 20 more years”.

The roof in question is 25,000 sf BUR and is currently 31 years old. This is at a plant with 2 Million+ sf of flat roofing, all over 30 years old and most was originally constructed in the mid 1940’s.

It sounds like a no brainer, but i need good defendable data to substantiate the analysis results.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a document, study, website or publication that would give me some info like that.

Any leads are appreciated.


is it asphalt,coal tar,or a cold applied system??

Its steel decking, asphalt adhered vapor barrier, 1" fiberboard insulaltion adhered with asphalt, smooth surface 3 ply asphalt-asbestos BUR.


call an asbestos abatement contractor.hes gonna be the big $ in this endeavor. some roofing contractors are licensed abatement contractors.

I’d try the NRCA

hey tbirdz19,
try contactin bill workman at rsm consultants.
he may be able to help you.

heres his number 800-232-1085


I would also hunt down the area commercial reps from some of your local suppliers (ABC, Roofing Supply Group, etc) & get the name / contact info on their contacts within Sarnafil or Firestone or any other co. who specializes in large scale commercial coatings.

These commercial account managers (the mfg’s reps) will be able to point you towards any white papers or other backgrounded technical specs.

What Roofboss & Dennis said also makes good sense; the NRCA is going to be the first stop & given the age of this structure, the likelihood of asbestos is high. That means big bux for abatement, especially on 200 thousand squares.

Let us know what you find… we’re a nosy lot around here.


The study may mean nothing.

You need someone to judge the condition of the roof first. I have seen bur’s 30 years old that look like new. Some look like they should have been replace 10 years ago.

have seen coal tar pitch last that long . feel bad for contractor very itchy

and it burns the crap outta you. Awesome roof, though.


I contacted NRCA. Nothing. No help at all. I was really surprised.

Out of all the publications they sell, i thought for sure they must have one that has some maintenance cost data.

I called Carlisle and nobody can take a call, only voice mails, grrrrrr.

Ill keep digging and update you.