Looking for jod

hi my name is ed,i am roofer installer,i have 13 years experience in shingles and tile,slate,i have insurance and legal people.please call me.404-988-8037 :smiley:

jod = J-O-B

No work here in michigan so thats that. Rather than begging for a job on this website. Go on the net and search larger citys and start calling companies looking for installers. go here to start yellowpages.com/

You can search citys and states with the word roofing in it. Thats what i would do. Get unlimited everything on your phone and start calling. You cant wait for things to happen you must make them happen. If you dont get the go gettem in yea then you might be up a creek. Think outside the box. Dont look at the problem at hand look how you can fix the problem then do it. Thats all the help i can give you with your issue.