Looking for options or suggestions?

I have a customer with shingles, built up and mod bit? I don’t have any issues with the shingles, but I am not sure what my best options are on the other two roofs. Both of the low slope roofs have leaks. The edges of both flat roofs are built up, I’m guessing to slope the water towards the drains? Could I add iso on top and tpo both of them? Should I get a carpenter and build some sort of trusses with decking and shingle those as well? I’m just not sure. Looking for input. Thanks

Do you have a birds eye view of the whole thing? Hard to determine the options with snippets.

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I don’t have a birds eye other than google maps. here it is and i have outlined the gravel built up with green and the rolled mod bit with a yellow. Here are some other pics as well.

What’s the budjet look like?

That’s a great question and one I should have probably asked by now. Let me find out.

The first thing I would do is cut the lead edges down and put a traditional fascia gutter system on it. We do these all the time.

That would depend upon drainage. You gotta be careful where you dump water. Multiple additions are always complicated to straighten out, and a lot of considerations come into play. Cheapest is usually to go with what you have and any design flaws are already existing. Bank basements can be fragile when you load them with runoff. Seen more than a few structural problems from ill placed gutter/downspout systems.

It looks like there are already downspouts associated with those drains. We would just utilize those ground drains the same way using external gutters.

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No liability in that scenario. Wouldn’t it be less work to re-cap the gravel stop?

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Hey Darkthirty, the customer has decided that the cost of the flat isn’t in their budget. Insurance is covering the shingles and a deck over. I took some of the shingles off and found that there is a layer of wood shakes underneath it all. My question now is, when i change the shingles out and do the deck over, how do I terminate the new layer over the existing flat? I’m guessing I will leave a few rows of the existing shingles and hope to change them out in the future when the flat gets done? Do you have any suggestions?

I did have a carpenter propose what building a slope over the top flat roof would look like. I think this is a great idea but it will cost as much to do this as it will to tpo both flat roofs.

What are the winters like?

It’s southern Oklahoma, so the winters aren’t too bad. I’m not sure what to do with the gravel roof. I don’t have much experience with them.

The flat will outlive your shingles. That roof is a typical BUR with gravel embedded in a flood coat. Get a small piece of the flood coat from the middle of the roof and put it in mineral spirits. If the solvent turns green, it’s coal tar. Brown, it’s asphalt.
Tear off the roof to the flat and run your deck up from there. No gaps between the plywood and the flat. Spud the gravel back from the steep/flat break 2’. Your tie in will be 15" .032 aluminum, center break it a little less than your transition angle so it lays down nice. Hand nail the aluminum into the steep on the rafters starting in the center of the stick and work both directions to eliminate puckers if you have loose nails they will back out. Lay peel and stick mod bit over the splice. Use modified flashing cement under and over the edge on the bur. Put the loose gravel over the exposed cement.