Looking for professional input on a few items on a new roof install

We just had a new roof installed and I am looking for a professional opinion on a few things I noticed, please. I don’t know that they are problems, but I also don’t know that they aren’t :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. The ridge caps show stripes from the shingles. Is this OK or is it a problem?

  2. The last shingle on the ridge cap has exposed (sealed) nails. Is this a problem? I assume at least one has to have exposed nails,

  3. There are various shallow gouges on shingles form the installers. How concerned should I be / what needs to be done with these?

  4. One really unusual place where it looks like the edges of adjacent shingles were trimmed. Is this a problem or something that would be flagged as a problem on a home inspection (selling the home)

I appreciate any insight.

That brand of ridge cap is called “shadow ridge” they come with stripes. Last cap cap with exposed nails is acceptable.

The “gouges” were caused by leaving shingles (with the tar strip down) on top of already laid roof. It’s sloppy imo, but very common so I wouldn’t get worked up about it.

While I doubt that cut shingle would ever cause a leak, it shouldn’t be left that way. I see no reason that they ever should have done that in the first place.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate the time and response.