Looking for roofing tiles!

Can anyone direct me to a suplier of Mercian tiles. I believe they were made by sandtoft, but no longer manufactured?
They are similar to Marley Delta’s but larger.
I do not need a large amount, needed for repairs.
Thanks for any help.

Best advice I can give you is call up your local Roofing Supply companies and ask if they have a boneyard of tiles. If they do ask if they have the type you need. If the material was popular where you are at someone should have reminants lying around.

I would suggest you make search in Google with the quotes on what you are looking for ex: “mercian tiles” or anything that you are searching as it could give you a more accurate result. Hope you find it.

Thanks, Have located a supplier in Norfolk. Thats an eight hour run, and costs about the same as getting them delivered. I did google them to start with and lots of phone calls.Leave it with the roofer now.

Thanks again for all your support.