Looking for some advice...thanks!

I called a local company for an estimate to have a roof repair. To the best of my knowledge they have a good reputation and have been in business for a long time, but I wasn’t impressed with the way they conducted their estimate. The estimator was a young kid, early twenties, who came dressed in a suit. The suit was nice touch if you’re selling vacuums, but didn’t even have a ladder or a measuring tape, which I expect a roofing estimator to possess. He looked at the roof from the ground and then from out of a bedroom window. He then asked if I was going to “do business todayâ€

I would certainly get at least one more estimate, if not two. As for the price, it all depends on where you live. For example, if you lived in NY City and you were dealing with union roofers, $1600 would probably be about right; however, if lived in Houston the price would be way out of line.

Those that do not price jobs should not throw stones.

Here, for two guys on a half day job, youre looking at a minimum of 1200.00 plus materials…if youre dealing with a legitimate business paying for insurance, WC, full labor burden, etc. This half day includes material acquisition, drive time, and a couple/few hours on the roof.

If youre dealing with a bunch of illegals like in Houston, then you can probably get it cheaper, since theyre probably not covered by any type of insurance or compensation benefits.

So tell me Aaron, if you wrecked your car would you only get one estimate and go with it? My wife got hit the other day, and she went out and got three estimates. When I have jobs to bid, I try and get around three estimates to protect my client’s interests. And even though I don’t bid jobs to get work, I do calculate the costs of a job so my clients can expect how much a job is going to cost.

Btw, not all roofers are illegal aliens in Houston. That is ignorant of you to say, and shows you don’t understand that different regions of the country have different prices. A good example for you would be real estate pricing. The house I own here in Houston is around $225K, but in Northern Virginia where I come from the price for the same house would be around $750-800K. Likewise, the cost of roofing is much more in No. Va. than it is in Houston, gasoline is cheaper here also. So, using your logic the reason real estate must be cheaper in Houston must be because we took if illegally from Mexico, right! :roll:

p.s. - You’re not going to start this pissing-match with me again are you? You obviously don’t like consultants based on some of your earlier posts, but whether you like them or not we are needed in the industry to protect the clients from tail-gate roofers and/or poor roofing practices. You and your guys may be great roofers that never make mistakes, but believe me you would be the exception and not the rule. There are very few roofing projects that I oversee that don’t end up with some sort of punch list. Some projects have punch lists that are pages long, while others only have a couple/few items. All the same, I’m there to ensure the work is done to spec and complies with NRCA, SMACNA, FM (wind uplift), UL (fire), and other codes. This is why the U.S. Government, state governments, city governments, prison systems, large corporations, etc., use consultants. For example, Anheuser-Busch will not pay for a manufacturer’s warranty, because they use consultants to monitor the work and the manufacturer’s liability isn’t limited to the warranty verbage. Does any of this make sense to you, or am I wasting my time trying?

First of all, cerb, my man, I didnt mention you at all.

Secondly, I used Houston as an example only, since I know it is swarming with illegal aliens that LOVE to go into roofing.

Thirdly, I do not hate anybody. Disgusted with soome things some people post, but hate…no.

If I mistook your post, I apologize. However, your post seemed to be directed at me, and you know that I live in Houston.

I realize that we don’t agree on every issue, and I don’t expect us to agree on everything; that is just the way things are. However, if you ever noticed we typically agree on most things, and I usually don’t comment on your polyurea recommendations because of I have not worked with them.

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It’s the capital of the Nortnern territories (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California).

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