Looking for some solid opinions from professionals

Hi, I’m just looking for some solid opinions from professionals. My 12-year-old Hallmarks are falling apart. Cracks, gutters full of granules, on many you can even see the paper construction inside, they are not a pretty sight. I’ve contacted local licensed roofers and only the CertainTeed roofer wants to put another conventional asphalt roof on known as Landmarks 30 year (not to excited about another CertainTeed product after my experience with the Hallmarks). The others are recommending Elk Grand Sequoia or Atlas StormMaster LM. I’m looking for opinions on which way to go, we are looking for longevity since I will probably be in this house another 30 years. I’m no roofer but I do have a bit of a chemical background… The StormMaster LM is made of SBS (artificial rubber) and seemed to be much tougher than the others, I could roll it up like a spy glass and it would spring right back with no damage. The Elk Grand Sequoia looks great the roofer says its as tough as they come and will go the distance, but what do I know, you guys are the experts. Its 52 square all 7/12 hip and 19 separate slopes. Not a cheap roof and I don’t ever want to do it again!
Any insight is appreciated, THANKS

Nothing wrong with certainteed.You probably had an organic shingle and 12 yrs on a 20-25yr roof is nearing the end of its lifecycle.Put on a nice metal roof,synthetic shake or slate.Go for the gusto,any of those will easily last you 30 yrs.Time breaks everything down,nothing lasts forever.-John

The problems you are describing are known and documented defects in that particular line of shingles.
You need to get a Certainteed rep out there to file a claim.
The Hallmark was a 40 yr shingle when it was available, and it is expensive…
Certainteed has a pretty good track record for standing behind their products.

The Landmark series is a much better shingle, I personally have not had a single problem with them ever, in over 12 yrs of being in business, that is what I sell…
You should get a decent discount from Certainteed to replace this roof, for materials.

If this experience with Certainteed leaves a bad taste in your mouth go with a GAF product.
I personally think that Certainteed makes a better shingle than GAF, but that is just my opinion.
GAF makes good stuff also.
There is also Tamko, they make good stuff too.

The Hallmark is a known defective product, you have a sound case for a warranty claim.

I wish you the best.

If you never want to do your roof again this is the product for you.


Or this one.

tamko.com/OurKeyBrands/METAL … fault.aspx

if installed by a certified roofer the grand sequoia will be warrantied for 50 years. plus it will be the best looking of the bunch. i am putting it on my new office building. atlas is a low level brand. the landmarks are fiberglass based, the hallmarks were organic based.

Certainteed has many shingles known to fail.
Independence, Hallmark (tigerstripe), Horizon,

If the roof is 12 years old, you arent going to get much help on the warranty side.

Go with a GAF/Elk (now one company), and get a Systems Plus or Golden Pledge warranty. The Systems Plus warranty only costs the contractor 70 dollars. It gives you extended non pro-rated coverage and covers the cost of accessories if you have a shingle warranty claim. The Golden Pledge warranty is more expensive and only Master Elite contractors can offer it. GAF will actually give a labor warranty, so this will give you peace of mind.

If you want to replace it once and for all and the metal roofing products arent for you, then go with a GAF/Elk lifetime shingle (Timberline Lifetime, Grand Sequoia, Grand Canyon, Country Mansion, or Camelot). And opt for the Golden Pledge warranty.

Atlas is junk. 10yr old Pinnacle 35yr shingles need replaced now.

Tamko isnt very good either. I cant tell you how many Tamko Elite (3-tab) failures that I have seen. I worked for a company that only sold Tamko…And they had so many warranty claims that it made me sick. Tamko is good about taking care of their warranty claims, but it pisses customers off to have multiple failures!

I haven’t ever seen or heard of any problems with the Tamko Elite, but the organic Tamko Reliance 3-tabs curled within a couple of years.

I have had great results with all of their Heritage Shingles since the early 90’s when JM stopped making shingles and I needed a good replacement.


If the roof is 12 years old you still have claim to some warranty money. It will be in the 600 to 1000 dollar range but something is better than a poke in the eye. All organics from any company failed in this time. If you find a good contractor he or she will work with certainteed and get you a warranty.

I am assuming it has a pro-rated warrenty. I would go for it. Might not get alot…but anything is better than nothing.

I like Elk for shingled roofs. I don’t have the experience with so called 50 year roofs (im not 50 yet) you won’t be unhappy with Elk. I am not saying other shingled roofs are not as good as Elk.

If you decide to go with any type of metal roof make sure the fasteners (screws) the contractor uses are quality ones or you will be replacing the screws in 8-12 years. You get what you pay for.

ive found over the years that thicker
isnt allways better when it comes to asphalt shingle.
get yourself a common 30 yr demensional.
they last 20+ yrs.


Thank you all for your opinions, it is greatly appreciated


Decra is a great product. However consider that if the roof is cut up. if it has a lot of valleys and roof to wall intersections then Decra isn’t your best choice. It is much more work to cut. In addition there is no sealant between panels. And on cut up roofs I just don’t trust Decra. I have Decra on a house that i own because it is a straight gable roof with no dormers or nothing. i have had no problems with that roof. However i have looked at several leaking Decra roofs on more complicated applications Reason for leaks is mostly poor installation because of the difficulty of the roofs. But Decra details are very perticular. If not done to specs they will leak.

You should get a good chunk of change from Certainteed if you file a claim. Certainteed will pay your roofer of choice $50 to pull off two shingles to be mailed to Certainteed. What they will do is look at the cost new 12 years ago and not figure in underlayment or the other parts of the roof. My guess is they cost around $75 a square back then and were warranted for 40 years.

480 month warranty
144 months old
336 month warranty left
$75 per square (guess) 52 squares $3,900 original cost
$8.13 per month 336 months left $2,730.
This is just a guess, I cannot guarantee any of the above numbers. They first have to approve the claim and then work out the numbers.

What I do know is in the 2007 Certainteed warranty book it values the Hallmarks at $55 per square pro-rated. 5 year Sure Start warranty, 80 mph wind warranty, no algae warranty, 40 year/480 month warranty.

If you put the price at $55 per square at 52 squares it would be $2,860 total and $5.96 per month at 336 months $2,002.

If you have the original receipts from 12 years ago they may helpful to get the most money. I did two Hallmark roofs side by side 8 years ago and both have withstood two decent sized hail storms and both are functioning good.

BTW, all I install is Landmark and they are a great shingle. The Premiums and TL Landmarks are top notch.

You may get a $2-5 per square rebate if you buy Certainteed shingles again.