Looking to start a Cedar Roofing buisiness

I know that anything I put my mind to, I do it. I am right now thinking of getting trained as a cedar roofer, and I feel that it is such an easy job to rap my head around. I want my buisiness to revolve around, repairing, re-caping, powerwashing, and then spraying the roofs, no reroofing. I dont plan on having any employee’s, just myself working full speed, ofcourse hiring someone to spray the house down while I spray treatment on the roof. What kind of insurance will I need to cover my customers if they get a leak after I fix there roof? How much is that insurance going to ding me? How long will I be paying that insurance? Do you think I will still make big coin, if I am buying all the materials, cap, shake, and treatment? What is the best finishing treatment to use on my cedar? If I can perform a perfect job for all my customers, in the end am I really going to be making more than working for a good paying company? Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

I wanna say something so bad…

I’m with you tar monkey…

well, good luck with the cedar company.

okay? Anyone have more to offer than discouragment?

I wanna hear it…

sounds like you want to start a cedar treatment co. If you don’t do re-roof, what will you do when you have treated all the roofing in your area, which is ?I would have to say that if you are makin good coin w/presant employer …I’d stay there til this thought is gone,lol

How much research have you done into the products and equipment necessary to be able to provide this service?

Have you outlined a marketing plan to acquire your demographic customer client base?

What business licenses and insurances would you need?

Who are your competitors? What do they do and charge?

What area are you from? Florida probably has a greater need for this type of service than other geographical areas.

Good Luck, and lets see what you have to say in response.


BAD idea. There will not be enough work down the road.