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I am interested in starting a roofing business in western Pennsylvania. Possibly a partnership with a long time friend and old co-worker. Just wondering if any of the experienced roofers had any advice or info. Some information on partnership registration in Pa. would be a huge plus.

Don’t call it “Crummy Roofing”.

listen to your mom and go back to school!!!

Listen to your Mom and Roofboss.

Every book I have read and every one I know in business told me when I started up that having a partnership is a bad idea. And if you are really interested in starting a business you have to be real patient because work will be sporadic for a few years unless you have a ton of money to spend on advertising and such. I have found some great low cost advertising and it seems to work. But the best way to get your name out is word of mouth of a great job done. But don’t even dream of running your business with getting licensed or insured it will come back to bite you.

I’m in roofing business 1 year and would like to know “great low cost advertising” :?:

LDK, where are you located? I will throw out a few suggestions, but only if you’re not in my neck 'o the woods (don’t wanna help the competition if you’re in my neighborhood…:wink: ).

Take a look @ this info over on another site I post to (way, way much more than what I post on this site, that’s for sure).

forums.hornfans.com/php/wwwthrea … &fpart=all

It’s got info on LLC’s & whatnot; a lot of the people responding to the question are accountants & lawyers. They are professionals @ this sort of thing.

Dont worry. Im a long way from Texas. Pennsylvania to be exact. Some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The best advice that I can give you is to make sure that the person you are going into business with is a (for lack of a better word) right fit. I have seen business ventures tear friendships apart. I wish you well just make sure that 10 years down the road you and your partner are still on good terms.


If you didn’t follow the link I mentioned then I can’t do much additional for you.

he :smiley: , I am located in Philly, PA. I would be very greatfull for any advice. thanks

…Last chance:

forums.hornfans.com/php/wwwthrea … &fpart=all

There is info on partnerships, LLC’s, LLP’s, etc.

Do you have a business plan. Or to ask the general question, does anyone know any good sources on business plans for roofing companies?!

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Why are we bringing posts up that are 6 months old and a dead issue?

Hi Bryan,
I recently started a roofing company with my two brothers. We got along real well before the business and 9 months later we’re still running strong. I would say make sure your roles and responsibilities are well defined and that you trust each other. Also have an exit strategy in place just in case it does not work out. My two cents.

Just be planned and give it a second thought.

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