Loud BANG at night

The last several nights, usually middle of the night, I have been awoken by a loud bang coming from above (sounds like it is on the roof or in the attic). It literally sounds like someone fired a round from a gun above us. Its a quick, and very loud, bang and then it is over. It is not a creak or moan like you hear in any house. I live in South Dakota, and it is cold and the temperature is moving up and down below and above freezing. It has varied the last several days as far as snow or ice on the roof, right now there really is nothing on the roof snow or ice wise, but it is cold. I looked in the attic and from my untrained eye I see absolutely no wet boards, leaking, trauma, or anything amiss.
The noise has happened a few times during the day as well I think, but its mostly sometime in the middle of the night. It is quite startling.
Could this be a sign of a problem that can or should be addresed or is this some annoyance caused by something natural? My thought is that maybe its some thermal expansion/contraction cycle causing a few parts to move or slip creating the bang, for example two boards shifting. This is a theory from a non-expert of course. Our house has a pretty typical, medium slope roof, with I think 2x10 boards or so for the roof, then the paper and all that fun stuff, and Timberline shingles I think. We have a vaulted living room ceiling if that matters. Our house was built in 1999.

it would sound to me like ice falling from the eves. it did that on my old house and it was so loud i thought a car hit my house. i know you said there is no ice now… but was there recently?

Yes, there was, and I remember icecicles hanging from the roof. And a decent amount of snow and ice up on top that has either melted or fallen off…so that could be a possible scenario.

i would say 99.9% sure thats what it was.::::next:::


Could be your drunk jealous ex-wife up on your roof again with a shotgun in hand!

This is usually the ice cracking on the roof itself. Happens more on flat or lowslope roofs.

Sometimes an old furnice will make a loud noise like a gun,I think they call it preignition caused by some of the orfices being stopped up on the burner.

Duct work has also been known to pop from contracting and expanding.

(<-----Can’t believe you guys missed this one)

It’s Taser’s “roofer” falling off the roof in his sleeping bag.


How did you solve the problem? I have a similar problem with sudden loud bang that vibrates the house. It mostly happens late at night on the first night or two that the temperature falls to teens or single digits. 20s is not even enough to produce the boom sound. The boom sound is similar to and feels as if a person jumped off of the top of a bunk bed. As long as it stays below freezing, bang sounds don’t happen again after the first really cold night. It’s hard to know where exactly the sound is coming from. It does, however, tend to come from the back of the house that faces west.

It snows a lot here, b/c we are in PA and get lake effect snow. Temps can go down from 25 to 5 degrees in one night. The house sits on bad soil (clay) and there is a lot of water (springs) in the lot. But, there is no sign of heaving inside the house. That is what I had initially suspected.

I even had a structural engineer look at the house and he says it’s not structural.

How can I tell if it is ice on the eves? How can I fix? Any help to solve this mystery is much appreciated.

well…if there is ice on the eves (where your gutters are) before the bang…and the ice is gone after the bang…that is what happened.

Ice on the roof cracking. Happens here all the time during temp changes. Not really falling ice.

The other .1% would be ghosts, right? :mrgreen:


The other .1% would be ghosts, right? :mrgreen:[/quote]

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[quote=“marshall exteriors”]

The other .1% would be ghosts, right? :mrgreen:

yes…then you would need the paranormal project thing from A & E channel.[/quote]

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look outside…maybe a tree branch is hitting the house and it needs to be cut back otherwise it just might be your oil burner





Hi -

I am glad that I found this site as I can relate to the person that originally posted this information. For the last few nights (and days), we have also experienced a loud noise coming from the roof. The first time it happened it really frightened us and I actually got my gun out as I thought someone had broken in. After some inspection, I could not notice anything obvious. For the last few nights (it has been quite cold and windy here in MN, temperatures in the -10 to -15 at night), we can still hear a loud noise coming from the roof - seems that the noise changes locations but it is definitely coming from the roof. I went inside the attic and I could not find anything weird as far as damage or any fallen objects. There is virtually no snow on the roof and the little bit of snow is so frozen that it’s not going anywhere (I did read the comments regarding the noise coming from snow falling off the roof, this is not the case here).
Is this normal? Could this be any structural issue that needs to be addressed? Could the noise be coming from the vents that are mounted on the roof? Our house was built in 1996 and the shingles are about 9 years old.
I appreciate any input that you can provide :smiley:

I’m about as far away from a cold weather guy as you could get on this board, so I’ll just ask a few questions that might further help define your situation (the others might have responded by now but their fingers are probably frozen over).

How long have YOU lived in the house?

Have you had any A/C work done or do you think there might be any critter penetrations? If a yes on either of those or a similar type change in the envelope, any of that might possibly give an air leak into the attic & cause heaving on the deck sections.

I’ll now turn it over to my cold weather buddies…