Low Pitch Roofing questions

I recently got my claim for getting a new roof approved from my insurance company. When the inspector was here, she told me that my front porch has lots of issues. Basically water is seeping through the beading and rotting the wood. There are already leaks though beading and quite visible damage to soffit/fascia around gutters near porch. Also, she noticed my gutters are not pitched right since the roof is not steep. That’s why they always have standing water issue. She approved additional $ for fixing gutters. A few questions from a novice who has never dealt with this:

  1. Inspector recommended roll roofing on front porch. Said pitch is 2. So shingles are not appropriate. I currently have shingles and roofer will replace with Architectural shingles. Does that cause an issue? Anything I can do…without compromising on looks of roof.
  2. Gutters- The insurance company gave me extra $ to do this. Could someone simplify in layman language what is it that I can get done with gutters? And is this cost appropriate to pay to roofers? Or can I get it done independently from a gutter company for cheaper?
  3. Soffit and fascia damage near gutters on the front porch – is that something roofers usually fix? Is that covered with the roof claim? I don’t see an itemized thing on insurance for it though.

Verbiage from Insurance on Gutters includes $280 for:
57. R&R Gutter / downspout - aluminum - up to 5"
30LF of front lower gutter and 6LF of upper left (front) downspout.
58. Prime & paint gutter / downspout
61. Gutter labor minimum

Hi, glad to hear you got your roof approved.

Ok #1, PLEASE DO NOT PUT ARCH SHINGLES ON A 2/12 PITCH!!! I imagine roofers told you about this special underlayment that makes everything ok, well it can still leak (I will admit that I made the mistake before myself). I honestly feel that the invention of this underlayment has caused more harm than good to the roofing industry (because roofers get this idea that they can do all kinds of stupid things when it comes to roofing, but since you put down ice shield everything will be “just fine”). When I hear a roofer want to shingle a 2/12 pitch it tells me that the only roof system they know how to install is shingles so they look for any trick they can come up with to try to make them work. Your 2/12 roof never shingles in the first place, that’s why you have so much rotten wood up there. Sorry for the rant but this is my biggest roofing pet peve lol.

The inspector was right that you should have a “roll roofing” product up there. They do make a slightly better looking version these days, and you can get it in different colors to match whatever color shingle you go with. Look into the GAF Liberty (or equivalent) product. And yes there are better looking and longer lasting products you could put on your porch, but they will be much more costly that what your insurance company is paying. Let me know if you are curious and I will go over them with you.

No honestly soffit and fascia rot is not (and it shouldn’t) be included into a hail damage claim. The hail had nothing to do with that stuff rotting out. I am actually quite surprised they gave you anything for the gutter work (even if it is only $280). Honestly I don’t understand how the low slope of your roof is effecting the pitch of your gutters. It just sounds to me like they were not installed properly to begin with. You would have to post pics for me to offer any better advise.

Thanks for your detailed reply. I am attaching photos. One of the photos is from waterfall on gutters, which I have gotten fixed with hidden hangers. But the adjuster told me the problem will stay till I get the gutters “pitched right”.

  • Still confused about rolled roofing. You are right…the roofer says architectural with underlayment will be just fine. Should I still insist on them to put rolled roofing. Would they be able to or would just appease me.
  • Gutters - I am now wondering if I should have separate gutter people take a look at it. The roofer wants all the additional money from insurance and I feel I am being taken advantage of. Very frustrating! Do the gutters and soffit damage have to be repaired before roof goes in?

This is the product I am recommending you to use. http://www.gaf.com/Video_Library/0_erontvzi There are several different brands of it and they all install pretty much the same. Yes I would insist that the roofer installs some kind of low slope roofing product on a 2/12 and if they won’t I would recommend you find a roofer with more knowledge than just how to nail down shingles. However to have this product installed will be more expensive (but shouldn’t be a huge amount for the amount of sq ft of your porch) than arch shingles, that extra expense will most likely have to come out of your pocked as I don’t think the insurance company will pay for an upgrade.

I am not a huge gutter man myself. I sub out nearly all of my gutter work cause honestly the guys I use get it done quicker and do a better job. So yeah, I’d have a gutter company take a look at it. From the pic with the water overflowing it looks to me like the problem is just that the gutter has pulled away from the fascia (most likely caused by the fascia being rotten). Also I only see one downpipe and if that’s the case you should probably add another one or two. There will be a lot of water draining in those gutters. And no the gutters and soffit can be put in after the roof is finished but any rotten fascia should be replaced before your new roof goes on.

Is the roofer you are working with an established local company? Are you familiar with “storm chasers”? They are usually the type to want all the work and $ possible from your insurance. If they advertise working with your insurance company to get you a “free roof” it’s a red flag to me.

Do not put archs on that 2/12!!!
Three tabs with ice and water shield.
All nailing has to be perfectly placed
And seated correctly.
And if trees over hang in any way…
Stainless steel nails.