Low pitched metal tiles roof

I’ll need to install about 45 squares low pitched (simple gable) - 3/12
metal tiles roof - new construction.
What installation rates should I expect these days?
Compare to clay tiles / shingles.
Just a range.
Assuming I buy all materials.
San Diego, CA

sub work is $75- $100 a sq. probably looking at almost 2x that if you are bidding the job.

You mean you’re a homeowner and you’re buying the materials for your roof and contracting installation… i’d say 150/SQ would be a reasonable rate for labor for a reputable installer following manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

But keep in mind there have been some funny things going on in the market lately. With the extraordinary increases in materials and overhead, a lot of guys are LOWERING their labor rates in desperation to stay afloat.

Or they bid low and ask for more money when the job is halfway done! :wink:

Expect a wide range and don’t hire anyone that you can’t confirm a dozen good references on.


Pricing depends on location. I know that CA is rather on the expensive side, but the volume and simplicity of the job also count.

I would also recommend that you check for workers compensation, because you could be liable if someone gets injured on your property.

The $150 per square sounds o.k for a simple gable roof. I would ask to see the presence of workers comp. and sign the actual contract before you sub contract the work.

Is that on over-top installation or does it involve tear off? Obviously with the tear off it will cost you more.

The most critical aspect is that you hire somebody who knows, or can at least really figure out how to install the particular type of system that you have.

Also, make sure that your system meets minimum roof pitch requirements for your roof because some metal shingle systems require a minimum pitch of 4/12. It really depends on a system.

metal tiles are some of the hardest time comsumin products to install and they dont work as well on low slopes.
sorry decra.


Sorry to resurrect my own old post.
Looking for an experienced metal roof installer to install mentioned 45 squares low pitched roof in San Diego - Decra metal tiles - some time in late March or April. $150/square as suggested by many - $6,750 labor only. I’ll supply all materials (will need some help to determine what is needed).
PM me if interested.