Low Slope Patio Roof

I’m a new homeowner in the middle of having my roof done. I chose a highly regarded roofer to install a GAF Golden Pledge roof and upgraded to the GAF Lifetime Timberline shingles in Weathered Wood

The original owner put a roof over the deck at a time frame between the original roof in 1969 and the last roof somewhere around 1989. The roof supports simply rest on the old roof.

Patio roof is ~ 1/12 with shingles. The home in in Northern NJ and we get significant snow and the temps fluctuate above and below freezing day to night often.

The roofer saw some evidence of moisture backing under some of the shingles but nothing too serious. He has told me that he will give me the option of putting White TPO on that area or installing the GAF lifetime shingles. He has informed me that the shingle is really not technically correct and the potential for issues is far greater than TPO.

Appearance of this roof is only about 25% of the issue since it cannot be seen from my property unless you are on the roof.

My questions are this:
Is TPO my best option for product life paired to the GAF LT shingle?

Is there anything I should specifically be requesting as far as material thickness, type or technique?

Is there a better product that you could recommend?

Thanks in advance!

GAF Liberty system is designed for roofs just like what you have.

It’s a peel & stick modified that comes in colors to match the shingles.
It’s probably better than TPO also.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I was looking at that also, but it seems to last maybe 10 years? There is a transition point where the patio roof is still over living space/eaves. What is the best way to protect this?

I assume the Liberty is a lower cost than the TPO?

GAF TPO is actually pretty good stuff. You can also get it in colors. I like IB pvc a bit better because of its lifetime warranty . EPDM is another good choice. GAF Liberty is a only short term roof.

Good questions.

I like EPDM.

In reality, any of the 3 systems discussed will probably do the trick. I wouldn’t shingle a 1/12. And one thing you should be aware of is that manufacturers warrantee goes right down the toilet on anything under a 2/12 with shingles. If you do the Liberty, you likely have options of a 2 ply or 3 ply system. I say go with the 3, cost difference on a small roof like that will be negligible.

Sbs systems can last a long time 20-25 yrs(gaf liberty)I’m not to sure of the self adhered,but torched 4-sure.I have many Soprema sbs roofs that are nearing 20 yrs and they still look amazingly good.Torch-down is still a very good roof(imo).I don’t know why so many people are down on it,except for the fire factor.I would take a mod-bit over tpo anyday.But I love the fire :smiley:

sounds like you want the best possible roof and you want it to last a long time so listen to rooferj and go with a pvc single ply like IB or durolast and then you dont have to worry about it… i would not use tpo it is not a proven product and pvc beats it in every category :wink:

EPDM is proven, and cheaper.

theres a reason its cheaper, you get what you pay for :wink:

Thanks again for all of the input. I spoke with the roofer again and his recommendation is TPO. Seems like it’s a lot more appropriate than the shingles for the 1/12 pitch. Here are my progress photos on the back of the house. We still haven’t touched the front.

Side View from 2nd deck:

Transition area:

Whats with the little piece of shingle in the last pic closest to the copper pipe?I always use the 6" rule,no pieces less than 6".It may be 6",maybe its just the angle of the pic?


theres a reason its cheaper, you get what you pay for :wink:[/quote]

I’m not saying epdm is a better roof than pvc, but pvc is very expensive.

It may be a starter shingle?