Low slope residential roof - DIY

Hi folks, excellent forum here. I am in a new house and new a new roof! Knew this coming in but had no idea the number of options/considerations for ways to do it. I am interested in a DIY operation.

Roof area with garage and porch is about 2700 sq ft. Pitch is mostly 1.5:12 with a small 1:12 area. I am on a 100% wooded lot. Tons of oaks and a couple pines dropping leaves incessantly over my roof. In the fall I was up there at least once a week blowing leaves.

My goal is a long lasting roof - hope to be here for a long time.

I have done a lot of reading and research and am leaning to either EPDM or a self adhering Mod Bit like GAF Liberty or Mule Hide . Given the tree’d nature of our lot, I have some concerns with single ply for the long run.

Thanks for any considerations!

The peel and stick mod bit systems will be much more DIY friendly than EPDM. Good luck!

Either one will work fine in your situation. I prefer epdm but liberty is more diy friendly and looks better. Does your roof have any penetrations (skylights,pipes,ect)?

IslandRoofing, we’ve got 4 penetrations (1"-2" for 3 of them, 4th one is 6" stove outlet) and a roughly 4’ x 2’ chimney. I was playing around with Sketchup, this is fairly close. Obviously doesn’t show the penetrations or chimney.

It’s a pretty simple roof, all in all.

EPDM, water based adhesive makes it pretty much idiot proof.

Given the proper research & preparation a competent DIY’er can pull it off.

Does EPDM warrant their product installed by a non certified installer? I don’t think they do.

Ah that is a great point. I have a note in with GAF regarding their warranty. The warranty spec sheet suggests a max roof size of 2000 sq ft for warranty, which seems odd so me. I am just shy of 2000 for main house, plus the ~500 sq ft garage, so need to make sure it’ll all be covered. Surely a lot of homes in the US are 2000+ roof size?

Also, if it matters to anyone, I am in North Carolina mountains. We have a couple snows a year, typically 2-4" with usually a single 10-12" dump each year. Winters will see single digits a couple times and summers are pretty humid and we’ll see 90-95° a couple times.

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Would you have any concerns in a wooded lot with an EPDM? Also considering I’ll have to be up there a dozen or so times throughout the year blowing leaves.

No I wouldn’t.

Self adhered modified is extremely expensive compared to other alternatives.

In addition, self adhered modified just isn’t very good.

In order to make self adhered modified user friendly they changed everything about the product that made it good.

This stuff is for DIYer’s and roofing companies with high turnover, to “simplify” things.

Edge details for EPDM are fairly simple and straight forward and with water based adhesive the skill and experience has been removed for bonding of the membrane.

IMO a competent DIYer can do a simple EPDM job.

Not to belabor the point…but again…does EPDM warrant the product installed without a certification? Answer…no. I live in Western N.C. and have had much better success with the self adhesives on residential use than any other product. Its easy and diy friendly…cheaper than EPDM…and doesn’t require a certified installer. I’ve never seen a EPDM roof on a residence worth paying for.

Awesome, good to hear. What brand have you used most around here?

MFM peel n stick…white vinyl coat

Where in N.C are you?

AAC Building products carries MFM in stock in Asheville…


Thanks for suggestion - I’ll check em out. I am in Saluda, what about yourself?

Brevard…done a few jobs your way. Into Greenville/Spartanburg and Charlotte as well. Your just over the hill…:relaxed::relaxed:

I’m with Axiom. EPDM is the best product for Longevity. Its a 40yr product. I’ve got .045’s that are 20yrs old and functioning fine. They’ve faded to a light grey, but smooth and never a call back. .060 is my favorite choice, but rather pricey and heavy. .045 is about 40#'s per 100 sq ft. No reason why you should worry about a product warranty with EPDM. I’ve never had a call back with one. Ever. It its a visual issue and you don’t like that look of rolls, look at sheet metal.

EPDM warranty is based on what you buy and what warranty you “pay” for. @Rockhound I recommend you Google warranty and installation for BOTH self adhere and EPDM. Just trolled those sites for more updated info. Indeed you can get up to a 40 yr EPDM roof…however…its extremely expensive…and from what I can find it appears like metal roofing…you pay for longer warranty…get same product. Metal roofing mnfg play this game too. Many metal panels have varying warranties yet the product is no different. You just pay more.

Salesmen like to talk about warranties, roofers install roofs.

EPDM is a long proven product, so much so that it has become a commodity product.

The EPDM sheet will last for longer than it reasonably should the issues appear at the details, primarily penetrations.

For the roof in question the details are mostly edge details, which are pretty simple to do.

The most difficult part is seaming of 2 sheets and with seam tape this is much easier than it was in the past.

If one wishes to get a 30 yr seam just seam it as usual and then apply cured cover tape over it, whammo a 30 yr seam.

Self adhered modified on the other hand is a dumbed down product that is extremely expensive and loses its granules after 5 years.

Can anybody here honestly write some good stuff about self adhered modified other than it is user friendly?

I’d love to read it.