Low Slope Roof Venting Question

Hoping someone can help with a roof venting question.

We have a low slope roof. If you cut a section through the house, the high point is in the middle, and it slopes continuously down in each direction, to the North and to the South. There is a garage that takes up the South 1/3 side of the house. The wall between the living space and the garage has GWB up to the underside of the roof sheathing on the garage side, to create the fire barrier between to garage and living space. The is no GWB ceiling in the garage. In the living space, the insulation fills the roof joist space, with a small gap above the insulation, and the GWB is attached to the underside of the roof joists. The is a continuous ridge vent at the high point of the roof.

The question is, how do we vent the roof at the area where the demising wall is between the living space and the roof? If we used roof vents, I am assuming that we would need a roof vent at each roof joist bay, which would be about 14 vents. We cannot use a continuous vent, as the water needs to run across the whole area. I really do not want to have to GWB the garage ceiling, to get to the outer eave.

Looking for suggestions.

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How low of a slope is it, 1/12, 2/12, etc?

What kind of roofing is on it now?

Where are you located?

The slope is less than 1/12. The roof is torch-down and the house is in the Seattle area.

Hoping for some suggestions…

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You probably won’t be able to vent it effectively without causing potential leak problems.

Try sprayed in foam insulation.

just leave it alone.


pictures people…

Here is a rather simple sketch of what we have going on. Trying to figure out how to get air into the low part of the roof that is insulated. Would rather not GWB the entire garage ceiling to create a passage way to the eave.

Thats the best I can come up with.

Why do you need to vent this roof? Is there internal condensation issues?