Low slope transition problem

Here is a pic of something I looked at today. It is leaking, presumably at the spot on the overhang where the two roof planes meet. Steeper portion is a 3 and other is 1.5. Not steep. I am thinking it needs a copper pan in this area, and probably a low slope roof material on the 1.5
Any ideas on how best to deal with this appreciated


Is that cap on the rake edge?

Hard to say without standing on it, but:

chimney = suspect

gutter dumping on low pitch = suspect

rotten wood area = suspect

no its shingles. That picture is misleading though.

[quote=“Agape”]Hard to say without standing on it, but:

chimney = suspect

gutter dumping on low pitch = suspect

rotten wood area = suspect[/quote]

Its a wall not a chimney, but that flashing need to be re-done. The rotten wood area is the problem area. That is where I am thinking coppper pan, bent onto both roofs and around the over hang. Crown a and rake board will be replaced. Other large pieces of step can be placed below this first piece once I get past the transition.

lol. I knew that was a wall. No idea why I said chimney.

And yea, sounds like u have a good plan.

Did you notice all the shingles with splits in them?



Yes, where did you get those pics?

You looked at the job?!?!

Took them yesterday.

How did you like the right end of the porch? :mrgreen:

That porch should never have been shingled at all. I’m not sure what whoever designed that was thinking. Those shingles, at a quick glance they look ok, have some granules and are mostly sealed, but what is up with that cracking?

Don’t know. See a lot of it around here. Those are real random on this job. Porch appears to be an add-on or an afterthought.

Did you inspect the slate at all?

I got a laugh out of that right edge. They cut the end shingles without flipping them over first. :shock: Make the pattern real wacky.

The tin roof behind the house is the one that the paint keeps peeling off of. I put it on many years ago. Paint is the only issue. Used TSP and othe rproducts on it. Some paint pros have painted it. Crap keeps coming off in 3-9 weeks.

No I didn’t. I wait for the home inspection before getting into those issues. There will always be a punchlist of some sort if you go in beforehand.

I work for many realtors and inspectors around here.

Tin roof? Is this the house behind this one or another building in their yard?

Man we need a chat room on here or something

As a rule, for instance, the inspector, without climbing on the roof will say the ridges need pointing. If I’ve been there the day before, and did all that, I still have to come back, meet with 1-3 peopel and sign off again. Or worse, have to climb back up to prove the work.

House behind this one. Black paint. About 16-18 years old. A tornado dipped down to it and made it rattle about 6 years ago. No damage. It then came down hard a block north.