LVOC Glues

To all you commercial guys, I just got to ask what is your opinion on these new LVOC glue? Personally I think they smell worst than regular glues, and take to long to dry.

Most glue/adhesives have an odor and work in similar fashion. Some water based work nice and have less odor like 2121 Sarnafil. Great when climate works for install. Bottom line is what is the spec and install. Making money…who cares about smell but tenant. They run the show on who cares. Hot tar and Hydrotech smell as much.

hot tar smell…love it!! :smiley:

I agree that it takes longer to dry which is annoying. The primer takes a while to dry maybe longer than the yellow glue when its 40 degrees or so

Carlisle's Solvent Free EPDM Bonding Adhesive - YouTube)

@Tar Monkey… What is self life on that Carlisle bonding?

The primer takes a while to dry maybe longer than the yellow glue when its 40 degrees or so

Shelf life of Carlisle low VOC bonding is 1 year. Storage temp could change that.
Using low VOC bonding takes a whole new set of application methods.

Unsure. Don’t mistake this product with “low VOC”, this is a “NO VOC” adhesive. It’s the next Gen adhesive and brand new; as far as I can tell only Carlisle has anything like it. Still looking into the details but atm I’m looking to switch from Firestone EPDM products to Carlisle for this adhesive alone. Just the fact that there is zero flash off time on field work and you only apply the adhesive to your substrate is huge. I’m estimating a 30-50% labor cost savings per job. (Depends on the detail work of course as all that remains relatively the same.)

Mule Hide I believe has a water based bonding similar to that. We have used it a couple of times with good luck, but it has been a few years. The labor savings was pretty good, just got to get the guys trained to the new style.

I had a seminar a few months back in NJ with the firestone guys and alot of roofers were turned off by the LVOC glues.

@Tar Monkey yeah I was doing Carlisle for the past 9 but recently joined a company who uses strickly firestone. Carlisle products other than the old primer (non LVOC) are much better in my opinion.