MAJOR Condesation under saddle/cricket PLEASE HELP!

OK so we added a HUGE room addition to our house and when doing so we added a room on top of the house on one side but not on the other side of the house. So we have a roofline that is pitching into the walls of the new addition. Solution build a cricket or saddle it a very very long cricket (about 30 feet from high to low) We put on a rolled roofing material from LIBERTY.
Now we havent put in the HVAC and have not completed some of the interior ceilings. We live in Missouri and it has snowed and there is snow on the cricket and now we have MAJOR MAJOR condensation all on the underneath of the cricket and it is raining / dripping into the house. Can any one tell me why?? I can take some pictures tomorrow in the morning and post them of the condensation and the crickets exterior and underneath. PLEASE HELP its ruining our next step which is sheetrock and paint!!!

Is there any type of flashing between the vertical wall and the roof? NOrmally there will have to be step flashing on a cricket but a 30 foot long cricket does not sound all that correct. I have never seen one and i have been doing this for a long time. You will have to post some pictures.

IS there any type of flashing between the liberty and the wall? If not that is your problem.

Is it possible that humidity from the temp heaters is evaporating up into the attic areas and then melting?
Propane amd kerosene heaters are notorius for this in new construction situations.

That could be a problem also but my main concern is why liberty and why a 30 foot long saddle. Since there is zero ventilation there it can be a prblem forever like that. Without insulation this will happen.

I’m guessing that when they built the 30 ft cricket to tie into the new addition, they went right over the old plywood, maybe not even removing most of the roof shingles. Either way, that area is probably not vented at all. Can vents, or power vents, or simply cutting thru the roof sheathing in the area inside the cricket will allow some air to move into and out of the cricket and into the existing attic vented space…
ridge vent on the cricket and inlet venting from the old attic would deftinitely help…
PS…GTP…get shoveling… :smiley:


I can not find a picture of a long cricket. Here is a double valley. Same principle. One side would be a wall.

If I find the picture I have. I will post it. I used Smart Vent to exhusted air.

This should give you an idea what he is talking about.

Yes, photos please.

I wasnt able to get pictures today but will post them in the afternoon tomorrow and will add more commentary as to the project as I am the one who has done the addition just my first cricket/saddle.

DO YOU HAVE A PROPER VAPOR BARRIER ,AND ENOUGH INSULATION(R-38 OR MORE)-THIS CAN BE A REASON FOR the gutter area properly flashed,land which way do the joists run in that area?,and what did you do at the wall?did you run the liberty onto the wall,or terminate it at the wall(at the wall would be a problem!)??