Malarkey shingles

I have a question for anybody that has used Malarkey
shingles. We live in southeast Colorado where we can get some medium sized hail. We have Tamko Heritage 50 shingles now and are wanting to replace the shakes on another house we have.

Can someone tell me if the Malarkey shingles would be better aginst the hail than Tamko Heritage? What about GAF or any of the other better shingles, would they be better than Tamko or Malarkey?

Also what about a metal roof, we have a sample of the Tamko Metalworks roof but it seams kind of thin to me, are any other brands thicker and better or would you not go with metal?


Certainteed landmark 40 is an IR(impact resistant) shingle. They also if you have state farm insurance lower your bill some. I dont deal with either of those shingles so i would be a judge of them to much.

rode through pueblo over the rockies on 50 to see my mom in montrose,
about 6 months. some beutifull scenery ya got there.
i do beleive there are alot of metal roofs out there,
that hold up better than shingles.
are ya gettin my drift here mr/ms coloradoan.

and no the metal panels are not going to be as thick as an old ford
truck fender.

get metal, its a no brainer if ya have the money.


While you were in Pueblo you were just a few miles from where we live. Do you know of a better heavier metal roof than tamko that looks like shakes?

yeah ask to see a tm lock, pbr panel, or 5 v crimp,
26 gauge is plenty.
someone will try to sell ya 24 gauge, sayin its thicker and better.
but i aint never seen a 24 gauge do nothin but hurt the mans wrist whos
tryin to cut it. 26 is plenty

drive around town find a metal roof ya like,
and find out what kind it is.
may refer ya to a good installer.

good luck.


i believe it`s the Certainteed landmark ultimate that have the scrim reinforcements for hail gtp