Manufactured home ice jam help needed

i’m at my wits end. i’ve owned home since 1998 and every snowy winter I have an ice build up with water flooding into my kitchen and family room. I’ve tried to trace the source of where and how the water is getting in. The last time i had a contractor out and he said it was the kitchen oven vent that was leaking. he patched around it, fixed the back wall, installed new dry wall, wall insulation, painted, etc. he told me to install gutters, which i did. now the problem returns and is worse. The entire back wall of my kitchen is wet. I can hear it dripping. I found this site and i read about others who have the same problem and if I understand what I’ve read, the issue is ventilation and proper roof insulation? I don’t have an ‘attic’, the house has cathedral ceilings throughout. I have soffit and ridge roof vent, but suspect they lack quality. there is no ice shield under the shingles, just felt. The house faces west, which explains why the snow piles up on the back roof, where the kitchen is. Anyway, what I need is a solution and someone who can fix it. Can any of you professional roofers give me any advice as to what my roof really needs to fix the problem or do you have recommendations as to who I can hire to fix it? I’m in the Bloomfield area of NY(south of Rochester NY). Thank you all for any suggestions and help. :?

first how old is your shingles .
you need to remove the shingles starting at the eave and go up at least two feet up from the inside of the exsteror wall , if youre shingles are old i would just replace the roof and ice shield the entire roof our if you can not ,get a price on the first opptioin i gave you , if you could email me so i could talk to you about the insulation on your house and help you resolve this matter at


If you can post a picture, that would help.

You have a manufactured home. A lot of the things you read here may not apply.

Ice shield may just cover up the problem. Not solve it. It may not even solve it.

You may need to go with a single ply roof. Cooley makes a single ply that looks like shingles.


If you can post a picture, that would help.

You have a manufactured home. A lot of the things you read here may not apply.

Ice shield may just cover up the problem. Not solve it. It may not even solve it.

You may need to go with a single ply roof. Cooley makes a single ply that looks like shingles.[/quote]

single ply will not work in this app. is it a key home? im in newark. about 20 minutes from you.

I would have marshall out there to see what is what. I have been here for about 2 years and he knows his stuff. Thats my 2 cents.


Why would a single ply not work?

Where you live has nothing to do with it.

Single plys are water tite. Shingles are made to shed water. If the other roofers knew what they were doing with shingles and could not fix it. Then single ply may be the only solution.

Might be one of those house’s with the front door facing the wrong direction. LOL

i didnt mean that it wouldnt work…i meant that it probably wasnt the most economical app. if the house is that new then it is probably an easy fix. and as for the front door facing the wrong way…manufactured homes ALL “face the wrong way” (haha)

To be honest i have never heard that the door facing the wrong way will cause the roof to leak.

i think he meant something like…oh how to put it into words…if a roofer cant figure out what is wrong, then he will make up his own diagnosis.

i noticed you said you “owned” the home since 1998. do you know what year it was manufactured? if it has leaked like that for that long then you probably have rotted plywood as well. you should probably expect to be quoted for a tear off with some plywood replacement.

oh well that makes more sense

I’m trying to figure out how to attach the photos I took this am. Thanks for the joke about the door. At least I don’t hit my head! Here’s some additional information. I purchased the house new from Saxby’s in West Bloomfield. It was built by Empire Homes, an outfit from Albany who went out of business about 1 yr after I closed. It’s a manufactured home, not a modular. Its a ranch about 1800 sq ft. I’ve had the inside damage repaired after the last time this happened 2 yrs ago. Had a light winter last year and I held my breath this year, hoping the source of the roof leak had been fixed by that contractor. It wasn’t. Hind sight is always 50/50 and had I known what I know now, I would’ve spent the extra money for less sq ft and bought modular. Custom stick built was beyond my budget. Anyway, when the contractor tore out the back dry wall, we found Empire had substituted 1x2s and 2x4s to make 2x6 deep exterior walls. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they skimped on the insulation and vents. As long as it looked right from the outside, who would know? Marshall Exteriors -I checked your website. Didn’t know you were so close. Do you work on manufactured homes?


The door thing is no joke. Most people, designers included, do not take passive solar into consideration.

This can show up in complicated roof designs. If the design is facing the west or north, snow and ice will not melt and drain properly. If the front door is facing south and the design is in the back of the house. Most designs that do not work, are.

This causes leaks that most will just chaulk up to ventilation, lack of ice shield, gutters…

Missing the true cause.

If this is the case. Then a single ply is the most economical fix. He already fix the inside of the house once. Has live with the fear of his house leaking for two seasons. Then you tell me that my suggestion is to expensive???

The 2x4 walls were made with the 1x used to make room for the insulation. There is nothing wrong with that it is not strutual. These are designs to save you money so you can get the square footage of living space at a price you can afford. The vents and insulation are most likely done right. They may be different then conventional stick built. So keep this in mind when judging the correctness of your venting and insulation.


Just had a thought.

Is the ridge vent metal? Is there a skylight in that room?

Then this may be the problem.

you should just get marshal to come look at it any good roofer that is on the roof will be able to fix it without us being there we are just telling you what causes most of this leaks and how we would fix them though about every job is different

i will be starting this roof next week :smiley:

Great good job marshall. WHat was the cause of the problems?

well as you know, we got pounded by an abnormal amount of snow in upstate ny recently. her house was built with no ice & water barrier in 1998. and there is a stove vent less than 16 inches from the drip edge. so need less to say she had a serious ice build up. we are going to strip the roof so we can put ice & water shield at the eaves, valleys & penetrations, remove 2 cheesy sky lights and she is going to go to a vent free range hood to eliminate the vent. we are also going to double check that it is vented properly, while we have the roof off ( there is no attic access) we are going to pull a few sheets and look for insulation baffles. if they are not there we are going to add them.

so i am now 2 for 2 from leads that i got from this site. 8)

Ok your buying the next round!