Marketing "Goodies"

My apologies if this has been beaten to death on the message boards, but insurance roof repair is something my company is moving into this season and we’re trying to get a good handle on the “rules of engagement” pertaining to marketing.

Basically, we want to know what’s considered fair game and what will get you into hot water legally. We’re going to be doing some direct mail campaigns and we want to offer an incentive to either win the estimate or to win the job. Everyone’s familiar with the old “sign with us and get a box of steaks” routine, which if I’m correct in understanding, is no longer allowed. But what is?

I have an idea and I really feel its win,win.Barn yard animals,laugh but I think it might work.I feel that chickens would be the logical start,I have thought alot about it and it seems feasible.I could move up the animal chain gradually,I think after the chickens the homeowners will notice the genius and will welcome my idea with arms wide open.I should be up to sheep,goats and cows in no time.

Also I was thinking of the following as perks for choosing me.Microwaves,toasters,stoves,toaster ovens,new tires,botox,liposuction,sheds,oil changes,port a pottys,brake changes,car painting,fences,septic tanks,mortgage payments,electric bills,kitchen tables,love seats,couches,used cars,tools,

tool boxes,dentures,partials,mammograms,laser eye surgery,Viagra,watches,mail boxes,massages,manicures,pedicures,prosthetics,mole removal,tummy tucks,breast enhancement,engines,lawn mowers,weed eaters,chainsaws,

garbage disposals,refrigerators,lawn service and last but not least colostomy’s,hover rounds,free gas for life,heart stints,kidney transplants,liver transplants,heart bypasses and pace makers and hearing aids,burial plots,tombstones,paintings,gold,jewels,

horse training,Canine obedience,babysitting,house cleaning,chimney sweeps,gardening,auto detailing and amputations,so many choices,