MarketSharp Software?

MarketSharp Software?

I have been in contact with this company recently and it sounds like a good lead prospecting tool and follow up software.

They have extended a special promo offer right now for $ 500.00 off of any of their packages.

If I am going to proceed any further with them, I want to negotiate a better deal as a group rate if any other contractors are also interested.

Contact me through the e-mail button on this forum, since I have not emptied out my PM box yet today to see what I want to save.

Here is there link to their home page:

So far, I have 4 interested contractors who want in on this group, so I am looking for more to decrease the investment cost even more.

Any interest from this forum?

Here is the link to the comparison list of the different packages available;


Here are some comments by a contractor from another forum who has been using this for quite some time.

Market$harp is what we use. It’s a great tracking tool and can give you a number of useful reports.

As far as lead generating goes, I believe there are better and cheaper ways. As far as follow up goes, It’s the best software I have found. It comes programed with hundreds of letters for following up. Price increase letters, price decrease letters, second chance letters, past customer appreciation letters, holoday letters, etc. You could set it up to send a thanks for talking to us letter the day after a demo/no sale, a week later send out a second chance letter, a month later a price increase letter.

The point is you should keep in constant contact with a demo/no sale until you know for sure they bought from someone else. Market$harp can do this for you and all of these letters are in the program. Market$harp also comes with lead sheets, window measure sheets, sunroom measure sheets, siding measure sheets and roofing measure sheets. All of these sheets and letters can be costomised to your company in seconds.

We have been using it for about 6 years now and I don’t know how i could run my business without it. I could tell you exactly how a salesman is doing for the week, month, quarter, year in seconds. I can also tell you exactly what lead source is working best, which source is the most cost effective, what source works best for each individual month, etc. The reports are endless and they take a matter of seconds to do.

Hope this helps