Mass roofing prices

I was wondering what other contractors in Massachusetts were charging per square for a 30 year shingle roof that is straight-walkable.

depends on how many illegals you have on the job :roll:

I don’t use any illegals,that would be uh,illegal.Seriusly though,what is the going rate for putting shingles on?Here in mass,Home depot is getting 20 bucks a bundle for architect shingles and 17 for the standard 3 tab.I think two hundred a square for materials and labor is fair,considering overhead,taxes,etc…Of course the customers always fire back with “oh can you take off some money that sounds high”.I want to help the customer save money,At the same time I don’t want to work for nothing either.

i want to be able to send my kids to college and afford the dr. bills,youre not so much saving the customer money as you are devaluing the roof industry by cutting prices---its taken a long time to get it where it is today

If you build value in a roof the price does not matter. To a point that is. 30 a square huh, I dont know of any quality guys for that. I pay another 40 bucks a square for good work.

I dont know where you get 30 bucks a square from.At 20 dollars per bundle for shingles thats 60 dollars a square for materials.If you can apply for seventy bucks come over and do my house.

200 doesnt pay the material and legitimate labor burden here, but we do things legally, and most here do not. This is, of course for tear off.

At 200 it will just cover costs with a very small profit. I was just talking labor. Over here around 73 a square just for materials. I like to float around 225 230.

guys, for less than 275, i won’t even get on a roof… and we should all do it…
i just hate the low-ballers who go in with a siding insurance for like $500/yr and no workers comp and charge 200/sq… they are killing the market… and the “home owners” - they just dont get it… roofing is hard and dangerous… u gotta pay… we should all start raising prices…

to really answer ur question, i dont do too many shingle jobs… i just dont like them - if i were u, i’d ask at-least 240-250…
but for me - IB flat roofs all the way!!!