Material Availablity

Been looking for 060 EPDM in northern Indiana and suppliers aren’t stocked. Short on everything from what they say. Is this local, or systemic?

We are experiencing the same here in Canada. It is systemic.

Around here you cant order the brand or color you want.
You just have to get the customer to agree to what ever is available.
It has worked out so far luckily.
But it is greatly upsetting me.

We sell Atlas, but it is hardly available and i am being forced to go back to some certainteed.
Hoping the customer doesnt remember why all the reasons we sold them Atlas
Tried out the GAF HDZ again and confirmed i hated it.
Really no outline of the double thickness nailing area,
You just had to guess it.

Not enough available truckers!
A problem that has occurred since the current
Jack ass in the Whitehouse took power.
Its only going to get worse.


I think you hit it on the head. Refinery in Whiting IN and GAF plant in Michigan City IN. Was maintaining the trucking company’s roof. Went by the other day and the truck lot was empty…no drivers. Firestone tech says they can’t get chemicals for production.

Yeah but why? They blamed the freeze in Texas LAST Winter for lack of chemicals.
Watch out next year if you do a lot of metal, like we do. The resins used to make Kynar paint are also used in manufacturing of lithium batteries and steel distributors are talking big time shortages. Steel prices were just starting to level off a little and now paint is a big issue.

Let’s go Brandon!!

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Get out Brandon, is more appropriate.

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EPDM has the best availability of all the commercial single ply products at around 3 months.

TPO is out until next summer.

PVC is a crap shoot.

Polyiso is out until next fall for large jobs.

Dens deck and securock are out until late summer or fall.

Each of these has also shot up in price along with all accessories. In the last year prices have gone up by 60% to over 100% depending on category.

Asphalt products are still readily available and the price has been the most stable.

Northeast is very tight on epdm, iso in any substantial quantities is quoted as 7 to 9 months out and is only shipped for manufacturer’s warranted projects.
Fasteners and plates are extremely difficult to get.

Talked to the Firestone rep, says they’re allocating on a monthly basis. Laughed when I asked if price was going to come back down…