Material Price Increases & Ins Companies

So if you’re a roofer then you should know this 2018 suppliers are pushing price increases. So what I’ve noticed is Insurance companies are not reflecting these increases on Xactimate. As a matter a fact an Adjusters estimate has the same pricing from Nov 2017 as in his recent estimate Jun 4 2018. He is saying Xactimate pricing is the same. Any suggestions? What do you think? I’m about to download Xactimate to verify.

My rep at ABC told me Xactimate will catch up. Seems like they definitely should have already bumped the prices, but I’m sure eventually it will update. We get Pabco down here in Houston and for whatever reason our warehouse hasn’t changed prices at all since the hikes. I get constant emails from the other major warehouses about prices going up __$/bundle, but the Pabco stuff down here is same price.

I called Xactimate about this and they said they ARE hearing about price increases and suggested we submit new increase lists to them so they have whatever’s happening in our area for reference and action.

Everybody needs to call xactimate pricing department, volunteer your pricing and complain. You also need to ask every contractor you know to do the same. You need to mark your xactimate estimates as complete and have then submitted to xactimate. This is the only way you’ll be able to have a positive impact on pricing. Burn up those phone lines into xactimate’s headquarters!