Mechanically fastened pvc single ply roofing system

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I’m bidding on about 340 sq. on a project in the florida area . . . how much would you charge a sq. ? the existing roof has got to be torn off .
We did a bore test and found 2 layers of gravel and 6-8" of lightweight concrete . There are 15 AC units that have to craned off and back again … any ideas ? [/quote]

I have some idea but my bid has to include a 20 year perpetual care no dollar limit watertight warranty with 120 mph wind rider per ASCE without exclusions for hurricanes and tornadoes .

my suggestion is…if you dont know how to bid a job like that, maybe you shouldnt bite off something that big. your probably just going to get yourself into some serious truoble. espescially in florida.

Who originally posted this? Seems someone may have delted the original thread topic?

I did . I’m a company based out in central florida . A small company trying to get by . Nice web site Aaron b

hello tallywacker,

if your wantin to get that kind of warranty your goin to have to get another roof product.
sounds like you would be better off with a good b.u.r.
if you have a concreate deck.
its good to tear off, prime deck, mop a 2 ply glass to primed deck then insulate, then b.u.r over that.

im in pinellas county.
if ya need help.
call me # 727-520-2785.


Which PVC manufacturer are you certified with to install a 20 year NDL warranty?

Now gweedo’s talkin sense. :slight_smile:

someone throw that guy a life preserver!!!


Which PVC manufacturer are you certified with to install a 20 year NDL warranty?[/quote]

Well I should say I just came back from mississippi where duralast is based out of but this pvc sheet thing . . . I just don’t know really especially with a 20 yr ndl . I’m thinking a BUR perhaps might be better , but my specs don’t call for that type . What about sarnafil with perhaps walk pads ?

Hey roofboss . . . thanks for the preserver . I really appreciated your vote of confidence . Thanks for responding though . . . I’m getting the feeling this job is way out of my league. Good luck out there .

yeah tally wacker,
theres a couple a couple a good ole boys/girls here that can help you alot on the best install specs on the pvc’s over concreate deck with insulation.
just dont do em down here enough.

good luck.

and i love comin up there durin bike week.
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Personally, that is a job I wouldn’t touch if I were you. Sounds like they need a consultant or architect to better define the parameters, so they don’t leave you swinging in the breeze. For example, what is the condition of the lightweight concrete, and is it supposed to stay or be replaced? Besides that, a perpetual-care, 20 year NDL, sounds like something you need to throw a big number at just to cover yourself. That is especially true if there are no exclusions for tornadoes or hurricanes with sustained wind speeds of 120 mph or less. If this is not something you are used to bidding, I wouldn’t start now.

yep, what he said