Meet the members

just wanted everyone to be able to see gweedo.
it would be nice to see some pics of yall.

the fish pic is of a tarpon that jumped in the boat while i was up in the creek, ridin by a known tarpon hangout.
jumped rite in my lap as i rode by.

the other is my ornithopter that i am developin.
its a large scale replica of a cybird p11 robotic bird.
gonna flapp it and hover around like a bird.

so see , im not that crazy.

eyall later.

You look like Gilligan there! Hehe, I’m half-kidding Gweedo. I can see the roofer in you from the pic though. But still, it’s obvious you just want to show off your catch.

Here’s a picture of my wife and me getting ready for a night on the town.

I hate to ask a question on this site but how do I put a pic on?


hey southsidejohny,


no spaces.


hey nice to see ya roofboy.
ankorage alaska,
holy crap.

This is from the CraigsList ad I use all the time…

This is handling a less than 2 month old Brahma calf

In Colorado. The horse’s name is Whiskey.

Working Whiskey @ Pole Bending.

me & the mrs

thought meet the members sounded a little better.
love the thread.
good to see evryone.
i cant hardly keep up with all the post.
best wishes for the site, its people, and their future.

memorial day comin up.
headin to the ole swannee with the houseboat for a weekend.
im so freakin blessed.

eyall later.


[size=150]Wow, Marshall…[/size] looks like you married upwards… LoL.


i seem to get that quite a bit.

Yeah Marshall, she’s a smoker! You must be making some dough. Lol. JK buddy.

Here you go Gweedo, now you can laugh at me too… they say your nose and your ears keep growing and I never knew my nose was this big as I don’t stare at myself in the mirror

How do you post a picture???

set up an account at Upload the picture to there, then use the tag they give you there and paste it. If you want to call me I’ll walk you through it.

Ahhhh, I can’t do it. I have the slowest dial up ever!!!whenever I tried that in the past, it would always bump me off because it takes so long for my computer to uplaod the picture. And believe me, I’ve tried many many times!

Forget it, you guys will have to guess what I look like…and your women will have to dream about me. 8)

email a picture to me, I’ll post it for you