Metal brakes

I am going to buy a metal brake is a 4 ft box pan pretty efficient for most things ive only used a 8 ft siding brake thanks

we use a 10’ tapco pro 19

Going to be a pain bending valley or apron with a 4’ brake, get a 8’ or 10’.

A good 10 foot brake is the way to go. Box and pan brakes are good for detail work but if you are only going to have one full size is the way to go.

We have 2 large brakes in the shop as well as a heavy duty box and pan brake. Our 2 sheetmetal trucks have standard box and pan brakes mounted on them. It works nice for datail work on jobs as well as sumps and such.

box& pan is good only for certain things. Get a 10 foot heavy duty brack. less seams. a 10’ jump sheer is hard to find now a days though. siding brakes are not for real roofers.