Metal Crew No Showed Me

I have a 35 square mechanically fastened standing seam roof with materials on the ground and I’ve lost my crew. Would any of you happen to have a trustworthy guy we could work a deal out on? Jobs in eastern KY and I will pay top dollar for a quality crew.

If it’s mechanically attached as in exposed fastener then it’s not standing seam, it’s an AG panel. Where are you located?

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That’s not an AG panel it is a mechanical seamed panel with hidden clips. MS150 is one of the systems here and it is considered far superior to a standing seam

This isn’t AG panels or exposed fastener. I’ve got plenty of exposed fastener crews as bad as I hate installing it but a good standing seam crew is hard to find in these parts anyways. Most of them say they know standing seam but they really only know snap lock.

This is true blue standing seam where each panel is clipped and then mechanically seamed which locks them together. This particular system can have a single or double stage lock. In my case we are using double stage.

Thanks for your reply and I was able to sweet talk a crew that worked for me last year into coming back and doing this.

This is made by Metal Panel Systems and they call it MPS150 but yes it’s the same thing and exactly what we are using. Very, very good roof when installed by a good crew.

Agreed and especially important when using long panels. Also virtually no oil canning due to its ability to move through the clips.

Sorry, I should have said if it’s exposed fastener then it’s not standing seam.