Metal hand seamers

What are the best available?


I need single and dbl hand seamers

I always use ese. The owner is an engineer who pioneered alot of the roll former equipment. There hand seamers are simple and Built to last.

The rau standing seam tools are my favorite, just wish they weren’t so expensive.

yes i like the ese 001 or 001c and the ese 099. Unfortunately, they are really not offering me much support. Are those the ones you use or would you recommend different models? Im also not really which the 001 or 001c is better for my application.

yea their 2 in 1 is more money then the ese 001 and 099 combined. Also, ive read a few places that it;s more suited for copper and alum. im doing 24 ga steel

The 001c is the pro grade one. Island gave you the link for stortz, they are very knowledgeable and sell multiple brands including ese. Personally I wouldn’t buy a 2 in one, normally if hand seeming I have one guy on each stage.