Metal or Cooper roof over 3' X70" terricotta/stone para

I would like a very ruff estimates of cost and suggestions for the following:

  1. a metal or copper roof over the terracotta parapet that is about 3 feet by 70 feet. The masonry flat parapet overhang (top) that sit out from the front (of our 4 Story 1890 Hebrew School building that has been converted into apartments) is taking on water. Again the area is a 3 foot wide by approximately 70 long flat masonry parapet overhang on the front of the building. It now has a badly damaged rubber membrane roof

The building is a 4 story brick and terracotta structure in Philadephia in the Queen village area. The sub-structue of the parapet over-hang is terracotta which now has a damaged rubber membrane roof.(which does not have to be removed) The parapet roof will need a “cant” (a 45 angle built in the backside) so as to stop the water from pooling on the back edge and force it to drain to the front. (Of course the back side will need flashing cut into the masonry.) The reason for the “cant” is that the parapet is slopping back slightly and water pools along the back wall.

One will need to rent a mechanical lift although one can access the parapet from the roof.

  1. Also the** TOP(18 inches wide by about 35 to 40 feet long.**) of the 9 or 10 foot wall -that vertically runs up from the back of the flat parapet will needs to be “capped” with some kind of metal or copper. It seems when this 1890’s building was renovated, they removed the decorative stone work that was on top of this wall (that runs up from the back of the parapet) was badly removed and left the terracotta’s top with masonry damage that will now need to be capped with metal. This area is about a 18 inches wide by about 35 to 40 feet long. This walls top can be reached from the back with ladders or scuffling erected on the roof.


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You lost me with your description.

Are you talking about installation of a roof or metal coping along top of a parapet? Since you talk about a rubber roof, I’m guessing you are talking about a roof. When you mention parapet, you do realize that you are talking about a wall, right? So, I have no idea what a masonry flat parapet overhang could be unless you are talking about a cantilevered roof with a parapet. Suggest you post some photos. As for helping you with the pricing, I’m in Houston and things here are vastly different than where you live, and unless things have changed from when I was doing work in Philly I suspect you may have the added cost of union labor.

I think I understand what he is talking about… terra cotta sheathing. Used to see these on the Harvard buildings. Still don’t understand the question, but I believe he is talking about terra cotta sheathing and not coping. What a bitch (is ok to say on network tv) to deal with.