Metal roof for manufactured home how to vent

I am going to replace shingles with a metal roof and am wondering about venting. Presently there are about 8 vents I think and would like to eliminate this with a vented ridge. Is this ok to do on a manufactured home? This is an Oakwood home built in 2001. I have already replaced shingles 3 times in 5 years due to high winds here in Colorado. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

How high are the winds? I see alot of that where im at. People tear off the shingles and put on metal and then the wind pushes ripples through the metal and then it starts to fracture at the fasteners. It is the damndest thing. We usually end up screwing the metal panels down and coating the roof with a system by hydro stop. I have tried lots of ways to fix it but that is the only way that works.

we have had winds as high as 80 mph maybe a little higher, thought about lug bolts for fasteners LOL