Metal roof over Zip panels

Has anyone used Zip panels on their roof and then installed metal roofing ?

I’m about to install standing seam metal roofing on the Zip panels on my roof. At first, I was going to install the roofing directly over the Zip panels as per Huber’s (Zip manuf.) suggestion, since the panels already have the Zip weatherproof membrane bonded on the surface.

Later on, I got to thinking that I would first put down a synthetic underlayment (Grace Tri-flex) just for extra protection.

After thinking more about it, however, I now wonder if maybe the underlayment is not only not necessary but that I would be better off not putting hundreds of more holes through the Zip panels with the cap nails for the underlayment.

Now I’m back to thinking that I should just put the metal directly over the Zip panels.

The Zip panels have been on for about 5 months already and so far have been watertight.

Anyone have any thoughts about it ?


I think you are doing it all right. If i would be at your place, I would do it the same way. But for more improvement you should consult some professional.

I have never tried Zip panels two years ago i have installed metal roof its quite good still now.

i listen about this one first i will gave you some information about real estate.

i haven’t tried zip panels yet.

Sajid I will be waiting for your information about real state. Thanks.

Yeah I agree with you. If i would be at your place, I would do it the same way.

Professional’s advise would be best in this matter.