Metal roofing 1/12 pitch-advice needed

We are about to build a shed roof off of an existing barn and are limited to a 1/12 pitch. We are planning to do plywood sheeting and paper on 16" or 24" centers and we were hoping to use the metal Skyline roofing on top of this. The manufacturer says minimum 3/12 pitch for this roof, so what if any problems might we have if we go this route? This is a pretty minimal animal shelter, but we don’t want it to leak. We have no snow, but plenty of rain. Appreciate any feedback, advice. Lisa

I’m not familiar with your skyline roofing, but you can go with an ice & water shield as an underlayment and that should prevent you from getting any leaks.

Tell me more about skyline, or supply me a link and I can better advise you.

Here is the link to Skyline…

Thanks for helping!



Your best bet is have a single ply roof put on. This is what they are designed for. Leak free no matter what.

If you are dead set on a metal roof.

Why not use the Strata Rib?

The only place you could get a leak is where your roof meets the wall. The only time this should be an issue is in a wind driven rain. They make foam inserts to fill in the gaps of the panel and flashing. You can then cut a piece of metal the shape of the profile. Use the foam as a pattern. Install the foam and them cover it with the metal panel that you made. Seal the metal panel with Geo-Cel and you should get years of leak free service. This all depends on you talents.

I would not use the water proof membrane.

Show us some pictures.

We are pretty committed to the metal roof or else it is a return to Design Review which we DON"T care to do :wink:

Now I will show my ignorance…can you explain to me why the Strata Rib is the most weather proof as compared to the Skyline? Note: I will not be putting the roof on, thank goodness, but I am the information gatherer.

Thanks everyone and open to all ideas at this point, excepting the changing from the metal thing…