Metal Roofs vs. Architect Shingles

I am a rural NW GA. community in a subdivision sandwiched between 2 Mtns., so lately we have been losing shingles during High Winds. The house is approx. 8-9 years old and around 1800 sq. ft including the attached garage. The question I have I am new debating which type of roof to install a Metal Roof vs. Architect Shingles. I was wondering if anyone could give me the pros and cons between the 2 types of roofing and a rough estimate on both price wise with a house that size. The roof has 4 Dog Houses and some pitch to it. Thanks for your time.


I dont do metal roofs but im thinking the metal roof would stand up better to elements but would cost more. I personally dont know how much more but its a little more comlicated then applying shingles.
The look or a metal roof in a residential area would not look good do to the fact not many people use metal roofs on residential homes. Metal roofs are maily a commercial type roof. And i think the noise leval on a metal roof would be a consideration you should think about.
When doing a reroof in a high wind area we usually make sure we take steps to insure there will be no blow offs.If the right steps are taken when applying the new shingle the roof well be able to withstand alot of wind.
In some cases we have individual qualking under every single shingle to isure no lift well happen. Other step can be take to insure no blowoff well occure.
The cost for shingling would be lower but a metal roof would withstand more.
Both have there advantages and disadvantanges.
If it were my home id go with the shingles.

You should look to see if the shingles were nailed properly(typicaly 3-tabs should have a nail 1/4"above the end keys,and 2 approx.2"apart(each about 1" from key center)for what we call 6 nailing–super heavyweights like gaf grand canyon withstand up to 110 mph winds,timberlines less,metal roofing will withstand up to 120 mph winds done correctly.they are used residential particularly decra which has several very nice profiles that look like;slate,spanish tile or wood shakes and the metal will probably last longer–timberlines probably go about 6,000.00,grand canyon about 9600.00,and decra around 20,000.00 area—these prices are just guesses based on your info,a site inspection is required for someone to give you an actual bid

helo primey,
put on a 5v crimp with alot of exspoed screws, and it will stay on in winds up to a buck fifty.