Metal siding soffit options

I’m considering siding a new stick frame building in the same material I’m using for my roof - classic rib panels. What are my soffit options for vented soffits? Can I just use Hardie vented soffit panels and Hardie facia planks?

You should be able to use just about any vented soffit panel you choose that matches your project, just follow the manufacturers installation instructions and allow enough vented air intake, to match or balance out your current attic ventilation systems exhaust. Talk with your roofer and he/she should be able to help you determine the number of vented panels you will need.
If you choose Hardie vented soffit panels, you will need to fasten each panel to solid framing, and may need to install additional blocking if your framing is spaced further than 24 inches. I’ll attach a photo as an example.
Check your local code requirements, and follow the manufacturers installation instructions and you will be just fine.
Congratulations on your new roof, however make sure the contractor you choose has experience installing those metal panels. Make sure it’s installed correctly to prevent unnecessary problems down the road. Again, congratulations, and good luck with your project.