When you do a metal roof ssaaayyy pro-loc do you start with a full one then just continue till end or do you try and make each end the same width?

I try to lay out so ends are equal. We hem panels over edging on rake so layout is critical. Will adjust slightly to land penetrations between ribs if possible

Yep, carefully lay the roof out. And I lay out FROM the penetrations maby times, then fill in,
Like so:

Thats some cool lookin copper Tinman,dont see much of that in my area mostly pro-loc,standing seam and metal shingles,i’ve done copper before with old skool boss(who died a few years ago)but man he knew his metal,did some copper gutters with him too…early 80’s :mrgreen:

Is it code or something to have them even or is it stricktly cosmetic?

It’s the roofers code :slight_smile:

Always made three tabs balanced too.

I think ‘Roofer’s Code’ summed it up.

Plus, I eliminate front corner joints the way I do my layouts. Reduces all penetrations to 2 critical spots, instead of 4.

I have many albums here. Jackleg stuff and other stuff. I can’t edit them anymore to explain what each thing is though.

[quote=“tinner666”]I think ‘Roofer’s Code’ summed it up.


It did so.Thanks :mrgreen:

Wow Tinner! That is great work. Is that on a flat roof?


3/12 pitch.