Might get back in to roofing

first off hi to every one. i,m thinking about getting back in the buisness, i’ve been out for ten years. istill have some of my equipment compressors,guns,but how is it out there price wise whats the going price per square,strip,new, valleys weave,cut etc. i know starting back out i’ll have to start with strips,most of the framers i had contacts for new roofs are out of it. here i go again i must be crazy

first off…forget the weave. it voids almost all warranties and it is the first part of the roof to give out. do closed cut valleys (depending on your location) this is whats recommended by the manufacture. prices vary greatly by degree of difficulty and your location. how much competition is in your area and can you sell? the better salesman you are the higher price you can get. what is your cost to stay in business? these are all things you need to think long and hard about. good luck…you’ll need it out there in todays market!!

on new roofs
on a 12/12 i get $22
On a 6/12 i get $16
full roll of ice and water for me is $37
Again this is on new roof that are allready loaded with all materials on site.
So if you get the new roof contracts out right youll be looking at more money.