Minimum requirement for cricket near ridge

Hello: We are in the process of building a masonry chimney through an existing 6/12 roof. The chimney is approximately 60 x 27 inches, and the long side runs parallel with the roof ridge. The long side is also only located about 17 inches from the peak of the ridge itself. We had some copper flashing made for the chimney and the person that made it said since the chimney is so close to the ridge that we wouldn’t need a cricket. The flashing is set to go up about 8 inches around the base of the chimney and when eyeballing it, the top of the flashing seems to be just about level with the ridge peak itself, and they made it wide enough to reach back to the ridge opening as well (it is about 12 inches wide where it would lay on the roof).

We would like to get a second opinion on this, if a cricket should be put in or not, and if so, what would be the minimum slope needed to the sides as it would be about 60 inches long along the side of the chimney that faces the ridge.

Thank you very much for your help.

17in? Go with that guys copper flashing, unless you live where roofs get inspected. If so have the guy make a copper cricket at whatever pitch it works out to so the cricket ridge is even or slightly below the house ridge.


I’m with roofermann. Texas inspectors will flag any chimney over 30" without a cricket, but that close to the ridge, you might get away with it.

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Thanks for the quick replies on this. We don’t have any inspections here for roofs. But I was mainly curious if there could ever be any drainage or water issues doing it the way we are without the cricket. The person that did the flashing said we should be fine and that the water would find its way out and around the sides of the chimney just fine since it’s so close to the ridge. I should have mentioned we are in lower Michigan so we do have to deal with snow drifting and melting. We were told to put down water&ice shield under the flashing, too. Any other feedback, please let me know, and thanks again!

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Please do not follow the instructions of the 1/4" per foot on any shingled roof or you will have a major problem. This is a new poster and theyve made a mistake and confused plumbing with roofing.

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Even if inspected, which you say yours is not
27 inches is below the requirement for a cricket.
Carry on.

This might and old thread, but I wanted to chime in.

30 inches is pretty much the standard across the nation.

I would suggest, perhaps … hear me out. Do every job as if you know it’s going to be inspected. In the long run, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. I have been in this game for over 30 years … and the simple fact is that doing it right the first time pays off.

Good luck, I hope it went well.

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