Missing metal roofing clips

I am selling a house. Roof was repaired(tree fell on it house during Katrina) and re-roofed. Home inspector says roofer didn’t use metal spacing clips between plywood. What is the best way to fix this now?

Clips are used to have proper spacing between plywood for expansion. Do you have spacing between plywood without the clips?

I’m not at the house right now so I’m not sure. I haven’t gotten the specific inspection report back yet, but the realtor implied the clips are needed to keep boards from separating too much. What exactly is the correct amount of spacing? And if I do have adequate spacing can the home inspector require this? And if I dont’ have the spacing what is the remedy?

As long as you have an expansion joints between sheets on all sides it will be fine.Otherwise it would not be an easy fix.

yeah somewhere, aways back, somebody started this
plywood clip craze.
wasnt me.
all theyve ever done for me is pop up through my dryin, or create a leak down the road somewhere.
damn plywood did just fine for years.
torn off many with out clips.
dont need em.


all you need is about 1/8" gap between the sheets so the plywood can expand without causing buckling, if the roofers were careful they left this. If they didn’t it may be a problem, have you ever seen a shingle roof with odd looking bumps and bulges in places that should be flat? If you have not doing this is the most likely cause. Clips can be a pain to work with and slows down the job but do give you the correct gap plus it gives a little extra support between rafters. I prefer to put a couple 8 penny nails in between the sheets to get the gap and pull them up as I go which is much quicker. If you have good ventilation and a good quality plywood it may not be a problem at all.

The only ways to fix this both involve removing all the shingles and would be expensive. Once the shingles are off you can either manually cut a gap in the joints with a skillsaw or actually remove the plywood and install the clips. Basically it would be a total reroof

Here the clips are only required when your framing is enginerred trusses on 2 foot centers. On 16" centers, they are not necessary.

pretty cool ,also drill a hole big enough to slide a clip in ,then put some thick (26 ga.) metal over the hole but as stated in previous comments this is OVERKILL