Missing strip of shingles?

We recently got a new roof which looks great except for one thing…it looks like there’s a whole row of shingles missing in the front! Is this normal? We have three different sections where the roof meets the gutters. They vary in steepness. For the slope that is least steep, the edge of the shingles end pretty close to the edge of the gutters, in the medium sloped roof section, there is a slightly larger gap between shingles and gutter. In the front, where the roof is steepest, there is quite a large gap such that it really looks like they forgot to put in the last row. Again, does this sound like a standard thing where the slope of the roof (or perhaps some other factor) dictates how much of a gap there is between the shingles and the gutters?

We do intend to talk to our contractor about this, but because of other issues we have had with the installation so far (they mistakenly sealed up a vent, improperly installed one of the attic fans…), we are not so sure we trust our roofer and would really like a second opinion.


I agree you will have to either post some pictures of what you are talking about or email them to us. There is an email link at the bottm left of our posts. I would like to see what you are talking about.

Anyone know how to post images?? Thanks!

If you could post some pictures it would help us give you some advice.

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Thanks for the tutorial on a way to post pics! This first one is a close-up of the section in the back.

This one is from the front…I hope you can tell that the gap here is bigger and it just looks funny, like there’s a whole row missing. Or, is it normal and I just don’t know any better?

That looks like a gutter helmet / leaf guard.


The picture of the front looks like a gutter helmet type of product. The other picture is two small. I can not tell.

There are no shingles missing, the fthing you are seeing is a gutter protection, called gutter helmet or some other type of gutter guard.

I cant tell, it looks like a gutter guard but im not sure. If you could send a bigger picture i would be able to tell better in a close up.

Here’s another close-up of the part in the back.

The amount of of the gutter guard that is exposed in the front looks much odder. Enough of it exposed that it does look like an entire row of shingles is missing, or that they should have started the shingles 6 inches lower.

What should we do at this point? Would adding another row of shingles compromise any water drainage, cause further damage and not seal properly, or just plain look bad?


Full size pics

urlclick for imageimg

urlclick for image


There is nothing wrong with your roof.

Yes it looks like some type of gutter guard i agree you are fine.

As previously said, there is nothing wrong with the roof. Look at the close up picture. The “missing row” that you are seeing is the gutter guard product that is painted in a similar color to your roof. About 5 inches below your current row of shingles is where the old shingles used to go down to. Now your new shingles were installed higher giving you the idea that a row is missing. Look closer at your house and you will see that the sun has faded the gutter helmet metal where the old shingles used to be. That fading area is what I think you are calling a missing row or the gutter protection itself is that “missing row.” I would of made sure that starter row was a little lower covering at least to the old shingled area if we would of done the roof thus eliminating your “missing shingle.”

Funny thing is there is stuff in the gutters.

Many thanks for all of your responses.

Of course we could get used to the way this looks now, but it just looks weird to us. We’ve been first time homeowners for only about a month and the roof was the first thing we updated.

Does it sound reasonable to ask for another row to be installed, or could this cause further damage or problems later on?

Adding another row of shingles below the current ones will cause problems in sealing and securing them. Since the shingles are started from the bottom up there would be voids in the roof. I dont suggest it.


[size=150] There is nothing wrong with your roof. [/size]

Get a picture from the listing agent. Your roof looks just like it did when you bought it.

If you do anything to the way it is installed, it will not work correctly.


There is likely a row of shingles under that gutter guard ( the brown one )that extend down to the edge of the roof and gutter. You can probably see it from the edge / rake of the roof. You should not have any problems.

The chimney flashing is another story. :slight_smile: