Missing strip of shingles?

I like that red text how did you do that lefty?

Hi Gtp1003,

There is a drop down box above where you write your response in.

This is the code. Just write between the ]

I have a space between r] so that the code would show up. Take that space out and you can not see it.

gutters suck.

actually,the name of that product is"gutter topper"–nothing wrong w/roof that i can see–some shading on topper looks like it was there w/ orig. roof,it will eventually blend in-pitching gutters allows for different spacing at eave

there is a hidden 1st course,the gutter topper covers it :wink:

Personally, I’ve never seen any gutter helmet type product that went so high up into the roof deck. I am also looking at the metal ‘apron’ for signs of nail insertion, but only see something @ the lap position between the two pieces (which is where I’d apply a sealant, BTW, & I don’t see any).

One thing that does hold true is the old phrase of “Why put a hole in a perfectly good piece of metal?”

What did your roofer say when you asked him about the ‘missing’ portion? If it was me doing this job, I would have come to you @ the time of tear down & told you that the gutter system seems to have run higher up the roof deck than I was anticipating.

thats clogged" gutter topper",clean it out,its installed under the 2nd course of shingles,hence the look,differences are due to pitching of the gutter—no noticeable problems–lokks like gutter topper was put w/orig. roof -thats why you see shading(dirt on the topper),that will eventually blend so it doesnt stand out so much