Mobile home roof covering

We are trying to help a 92 year old gentleman fix his 10’x52’ mobile home roof.There is a lot of rust damage. He has patched it in different ways over the years. White Knight, adhesive and tar paper, even plywood and base sheets in one area.
We are wondering if there is something we can put over all of this without building trusses as the older trailer may not take the weight, and the cost of this may be prohibitive.

We have been looking at rolled roofing products, ideally with a cold application or metal like this -

Hoping there is someone who might offer us a bit of their wisdom.

I ‘d suggest MFM peel and seal.

MFM Peel & Seal would do the job. Make sure you clean the old roof as best you can and apply an asphalt roof primer.

Thank you. I can’t find MFM Peel & Seal in Canada. Would it go over Gaf weather guard?

Not knowing your budget, but why not buy a roll of EPDM and just terminate it all the way around. If you’re budgeting, buy the .045 and watch a video. Pull over the entire house. Buy termination to go around the whole house and it’s done. In my area, 045 is about .80 cents a sq ft. 045 weighs about 40 lbs per 100 sq ft. 10 X 52 puts you at about a total of 200 lbs, plus a little. it’s nothing.