Mobile home trailers

I just came across a video of a mobile home trailer with cold pitch application existing…the metal underneath the coating was beginning to rust. They repaired the rust issue then installed plywood first, then screwed ISO foam next, and topped it off with EPDM.

Here is my question: What if you switched the method and installed the 2 inch foam board (foam glued to the OSB) with the foam down and the plywood on top (screwd in place). Apply your 3 inch drip metal (and primed) on the perimeter, then apply torch?

Any opinions???

P.S. The roofing company only does torch as they have no one experience with PVC or EPDM type products

Roofer G, you can do whatever you want w/ them damn mobile homes. Up here in my neck of the woods i sell them pvc or tpo. I install a 1/2" densdeck & a .045 genflex glued down.

You cannot use any other product but torch down…what methods would you use?

Thats fucking dead dude! I would never use torch down on a wooden deck unless it was a go over.

You wouldn’t, but others would!

Torch down over a wood deck is still a popular method…more for the keep small type companies who are not interested in the newer products.

So my question is would this be the proper technique or do you have othe ideas?

It would work as long as a SA or nail-down base is installed.

Do keep in mind the studs are 2x3 and not meant to carry much load.

I thought about that after my last post…Because we never used a barrier between the wood deck and iso foam board. this trailer has cold pitch application so a berrier should be installed.

So now I would…

  1. prep trailer deck
  2. install barrier
  3. install foam board and screw in place
  4. prime and install 3 inch drip edge at the perimeter
  5. base sheet
  6. then torch

Would this then meet a manufactures installation package? or is there something else I am missing?

RooferG, ya tinners got a point. Ya could use torchdown basesheet but id go w/ big laps & nail the shit out of them so the flame dont get under the lap.

Plus they make that Iso & plywood together combo, expensive though. They call it vented R board around these parts.

So now I am looking at fiberboard instead of r-board (iso-board)

should i…

  1. install vapor barrier (over existing cold pitch roof)
  2. fiberboard (screwed down)
  3. plywood (screwed down)
  4. base sheet
  5. perimer metal (primed)
  6. torch

I know that I can do what i want want…but I would rather do it the right way…any more thoughts?

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Why plywood AND fiberboard? That is a lot of weight. Fiberboard isn’t much of an insulator either…

You can get insulation with factory laminated base sheet. You screw it along the perimeter and the base sheet laps over the screws with SA, then you torch the seams, then you torch your cap. Alternatively you coul just put down insulation with facLam fiberboard, screwed base sheet, torched cap.

I would go with a nail down base.

Strucktodeck, that 1/2 inch board w/ base sheet right on it.

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