MobileHome/SmalLDecks Austin Tx

Hey so I’ve been roofing for a while now, and wanted to do roofs mobile homes / small decks to start out. Nothing big because I don’t have tools for big jobs, nor time only available on week ends.
Just needed some advice on how I can look for small jobs, what pages and ect. Also help on pricing jobs, I need to work hard to support my family and change the way I’m living. With the knowledge I gave on flatroofs I’m sure I can be able to change that. I do pvc and tpo, not familiar with inspection, rather do jobs with no inspection, and small jobs I will be able to finish Saturday and Sunday.

If you specialize in mobile homes, you’d be swamped with work in no time. Check out the terpolymer coatings, I use Truco, but heard Topps wasn’t bad. Stay away from acrylics. Most mobile home parks have a bulletin board, or just print up a single sheet trifold.

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I respect your work ethic but you should refine your ‘pitch’. “Rather do jobs with no inspection and weekends only”? Ouch


I’m only available on the week ends because I work with my uncle. I could do a mobile home roof in one day to get extra bucks want to start pushing my self. Thanks for the advice!

When you damage someone or something and have no insurance is when it bites you in the glutes…