Mold on plywood


I’m bidding a roof that was damaged by Hurricane Ike. We will need to replace some of the plywood decking for sure. I have not been in the attic yet but i’m sure I will find mold. My question is do I need to replace the plywood that is in otherwise good shape but has mold on it or can the homeowner save it and have the mold removed after we reroof the house?


Most mold can be killed with bleach. But their is a level of liability that can go along with it. So be careful. You should be able to leavee the plywood, as long as it is structurally sound.

Mold is bad news!

You probably need to determine the impact of the mold. If it is a little bit of surface mold, you may be able to bleach it. If it impacted the integrity of the item, i.e. decking that is soft, you may need to replace it. Ike was what a year and a half ago. I would suspect serious damage, since it has been such a long time - if you are suspecting mold problems.

The insurance will pay what damage was caused by the storm. You may need to file a supplemental claim with the insurer by now. That can’t hurt, and it can only help. Pricing may be higher, the damage may be greater, etc.

More specific information may allow a more specific answer.

Thanks guys

I’ll come back with more info once I get in the attic.
Do any of you guys take on this type of cleanup when you find mold in the attic before you roof?

[quote=“noserider”]Thanks guys

I’ll come back with more info once I get in the attic.
Do any of you guys take on this type of cleanup when you find mold in the attic before you roof?[/quote]

I roofed one very moldy house. Roof was leaking for years (before us). The owner had a mold abatement contractor take care of the mold. I didn’t want to get involved. His insurance paid for it.

I would replace the plywood. You are aware of the existence of the mold, you are now liable for it. It also means that there is a ventilation issue, make sure you sell them adequate ridge and soffit vent.

When we run into any mold on the underside of the plywood, we give the home owner two options.

Option 1: Replace any plywood that even has the slightes hint of mold on it, even if the plywood is structurally sound.
Option 2: If the plywood is structurally sound, we also give them the option of not replacing it, but do make them sign a waiver that states that we are not responsible for the mold, that we let the homeowner know of his/her options, and he/she doesn’t want the plywood replaced.

I also always let the homeowner know that it is a lot cheaper for them to have replace the plywood while we are doing the roof, then to have a mold remidation company remove it from the plywood after we leave.

What about the mold on the framing? Does anyone bring this up?

Your best bet is probably to replace the plywood because even if the mold is removed it will likely come back again. If there is just a small amount of mold then it may be worth cleaning but if there is a large amount of mold your clients will likely have more problems with it in the future.