Mold on Shingles

Need help, Have customer, wants to remove mold from shingles, 3-tabs approximately 8 years old. Roof in Good shape.
I know of Bleach and water, but want to avoid using it.
Is there another alternative cleaner.


been using liquid pool chlorine, 30% with water, some soap to help it adhere. Had electric pump w/hose to spray on roof, pressure washer with special tip to soak plants, grass, etc, and flood roof to rinse and dilute solution. Only thing that works, tried numerous things over the years. WILL NOT HARM SHINGLES !!! Have been roofing contractor for over 25 years. All equipment was trailer mounted.

post a pic and your location. most mold is a blue green algea that happens on the north face. if it hapens on another face it is either moss from a tree or the cheap shingles color bleeding out.

Installing zinc strips will stop it from comming back. As far as getting it off without ruining the shingles good luck. I walk from those pain in the a double s jobs.

bleach works best but it is just too nasty to send down the leaders.

they make a lot of siding washes that remove mold that are biodegradable. a light duty pressure washer that can apply it and little practice no problem. it will look much better.

Thanks for the input, after looking through some information, I found a product locally I’m going to try,
let you know how it worked, it a ECO Pro Roof Cleaner concentrated . apply with sprayer and rinsed with hose after 20 min. Bio friendly, non-poisonous and non caustic, has no chlorine,will not discolor, for roofing, siding, decks.

Be doing in few days.

Thanks again